Happy Easter lettering with bee, chicks and bunnies characters. Easter greeting card. Typed text, calligraphy. For leaflets, brochures, invitations, posters or banners.

Wierszyki Wielkanocne dla dzieci po angielsku

Jumpy bunny Jumpy bunny
With so fluffy nose
Jumpy bunny Jumpy bunny
touch your little toes.

Yellow chick, yellow chick
stomp your feet and say cluck cluck
Yellow chick, yellow chick
don’t pretend to be a duck.

Easter egg is big and cute
with so many different colours
Easter egg we surely put you
in a basket which is smaller.

Yummy yummy chocolate, Yummy yummy chocolate
..is hiding…
Where is chocolate? Where is chocolate?
It’s in my tummy!

Easter egg hunt, Easter egg hunt
With all my friends
Easter egg hunt, Easter egg hunt
To the end of the day!

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